City on a Hill Press Interview

January 1, 2012 Events, Journal 0 Comments

I was contacted by a local student who met me at a dating site in wanting to write an article on the game design degree at UC Santa Cruz. I was more than happy to help out and interviewed with the author for a half hour. It was nice to be able to talk through the degree with someone from outside the degree, and be able to explain the importance of the major. The following is an excerpt from the article:

Comparing video game creation to the explosive growth of the independent film movement might not be far off the mark; like independent film, the industry draws in all types. Devon Wyland, a senior in the computer game design major, came from a background in graphic design, and had no plans to immerse herself in video game design. But one thing inevitably led to another.

“Santa Cruz didn’t have a graphic design major, but the more I got through the game design major, the more I loved it,” Wyland said. “What’s nice about video games is that you can merge any interests you have. It’s a really open field to go into.”

The major is growing beyond the classes it offers, as interest increases. The support network that has formed outside of the classes speaks to the enthusiasm of the participants.

“Because of the interest in game design, we have a game developer club. Up to 60 people show up sometimes to talk about, test and make games,” Wyland said. “We have a lot of support behind game design, so even if the classes aren’t there yet, I can see it coming in the future.”

This network lies at the heart of what makes game design popular at UCSC. Fristoe sees the game developers’ club as an essential component to the sense of community fostered within and outside of the major.

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