Contracts And Agreements Policy

April 9, 2021

Anyone who has not received a written delegation of powers to sign agreements is not entitled to sign agreements binding the university and may be held personally responsible if they attempt to do so. The university reserves the right not to recognize an agreement as binding, unless the person signing the university has been duly authorized in accordance with the contract guide. Purchase of property: Finished goods (or “on the shelf”) usually purchased with cash or a credit card worth less than $10,000 generally do not require a contract. Finished products or equipment however, parties who are part of construction projects or require the seller to deliver, install and/or supply the goods on campus or the parties must, as a general rule, require a contract and be acquired with the university`s order form or other contract form setting out the basic conditions, including insurance and compensation agreements. Under the whistle blower policy, retaliation against anyone reporting suspicious or identified problems, malfunctions or other misconduct is prohibited by law and collegial law. A person can purchase life insurance for his or her own life for the benefit of a third party or a person. Individuals can even purchase life insurance for someone else`s life. For example, a woman may purchase life insurance that offers benefits after her husband`s death. This type of policy is generally achieved by spouses and parents who insure against the death of a child.

However, individuals can only purchase life insurance for the life of another person and qualify as beneficiaries if there are legitimate reasons to believe that they can benefit from the survival of the insured. This means that a family or financial relationship must unite the beneficiary and the insured. For example, a person cannot make life insurance on the life of a stranger in the hope that the stranger will suffer a fatal accident. Health insurance only covers certain risks. They generally bear the cost of assault, disability, illness and accidental death. Health insurance can be purchased for itself and for others. After the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, insurance premiums skyrocketed, especially for tenants of prominent tourist sites, such as skyscrapers and sports.