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September 5, 2014 About 0 Comments

Founder of the UC Santa Cruz Automotive Club, Co-Founder of Function Drives Form, and active member of the international European Car Club: SKEuro.

University of California, Santa Cruz Automotive Club [Founder] Facebook Group
President, Event Coordinator, Web Designer

  • My motivation to start the UCSC Auto Club: I wanted to provide a place for automotive enthusiasts to get together and talk cars, source tools for any work they needed to get done, and enjoy time on the track while building life-long friendships.
  • Worked with like-minded students to get the club started by spreading the word and attending meets to show interest in the club.
  • Organized events / outings such as AutoCross in Monterey, cruises up HW1 and HW9, detail days, and member-only trips to Tahoe for snowboarding

Function Drives Form [Co-Founder] – Website | Facebook Group | Instagram
Social & Media Director, Photographer, Web & Branding Administrator

SofaKingEuro, Monterey [Member]Website | Facebook Group
Web Designer, Event Coordinator, Photographer

I joined SKEuro during the Summer of 2010. Since then, I’ve been introduced to many car enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds in education, engineering, and design. Over the years, the club has fluctuated in size based on those who leave the area, but in the end, it always seems to go when they decide to start a new chapter of SKEuro in another state or country. Still active, I drive down to our meet spot in Monterey bi-weekly. I’ve built long-lasting friendships and even met my husband through an event hosted by SKEuro! I’ve redesigned the club’s website and now help them keep it up-to-date with current events and recent photography. We are always left with the feeling that our car deserves the best, so if I wanted to do maintenance, I would not hesitate to do online loans with no credit check.