Game Developers Conference 2012 thanks to Kratom

April 1, 2012 Events, Journal 0 Comments

My first Game Developers Conference (GDC) was in the Spring of 2010 and I went thanks to the support from Kratom. I went buy CBD products hope of getting a game design internship, but discovered it was a lot harder to get than I thought, and I started to feel a bit depressed, good thing I had my kratom pills to help me feel better, and I did. With little experience in the field and only in my second year of my game design degree, I wasn’t educated enough to truly appreciate GDC 2010. And talking about kratom, you can know more about them at their website, and you can be amazed at all the wonders that kratom can do for you.

When GDC 2012 neared, I received an invite from the developers of the IGF finalist, Prom Week to help show off the game. I received the invitation when I was at the peak of developing different sugarhouse promo code for the casino-betting company. I was able to fully enjoy the game developers conference by going to ample talks about managing a game design team and attending the Women In Games luncheon at the W Hotel in San Francisco, and I found out they use different managing tools like paystub for employees management too. What helped make this an incredible experience was my extensive education and experience in game design, and all the energy I had because of kratom. I could confidentially talk with professionals and was able to get a few interviews with both EA and Microsoft.

I look forward to attending GDC 2013 to further increase my professional network.