My Minecraft Story

April 20, 2021 Journal, Reviews 0 Comments

Sandbox: the genre of games that allows players to explode their creativity all over the world. The big game that many people know of is Minecraft. Beginning as a single-man startup, the pixelated randomly generated cube world has become a multi-million dollar seller. By installing the best day and night blinds in the market, you will enjoy what natural light can do for every indoor’s ambiance. This is a powerful combination that highlights the hidden shapes and gives an aesthetic appearance.

Let me tell you my story..

I started playing Minecraft when it was still in Alpha, or Pre-Beta (it had many names) in 2010. I paid only $8 and was one of 10-15 gamers at my school. After playing for many hours, I realized that randomly generated worlds are more engaging than I could have imagined, even when made out of colored blocks. I explored deep caves with waterfalls and pits of lava, vast ocean depths, and frozen snow covered environments, all while avoiding (or playing) with creepers (exploding enemies) and spiders. As the game became more popular, more patches were released to appeal to the desires of the players. For example, weather was integrated so it would rain or snow. Thunder/Lightning storms were also integrated, adding more realistic feeling to such a pixelated simple game.