Orchestra Musician

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Performing Bassoonist of 10 years including Orchestra Tours, Honor Bands, Jazz Bands, and Wind Ensembles.

I continue to use my knowledge and musical enjoyment in all aspects of my work. With my history of musical theory and performance, I am confident when presenting myself and have a strong technical thought process that allows me to solve problems in an efficient maner.


Many of my musical projects are personal compositions and aren’t compiled in a fashion to share with the world. However, in the Summer of 2010, I participated in a unique workshop at UC Santa Cruz known as WACM (Workshop in Algorithmic Computer Music). During the one week workshop, I learned Lisp and programmed my very own pan-diatonic algorithm generator (View Documentation) that produced randomly generated MIDIs. Below are a few examples of the outcome:

Bassoon History

I picked up the bassoon after years of exploring different instruments. Starting with the piano, flute and piccolo, I migrated to brass by picking up the tuba and euphonium. During that year, I discovered my love for the deeper tones and soon merged this with my love for woodwinds by trying out the bassoon. I was instantly hooked and joined an orchestra 6 months later. The following is my history of performing bassoon from the latest to earliest:

  • 2 years: UCSC Wind Ensemble – Santa Cruz, CA
  • 4 years: Young People’s Symphony Orchestra – Berkeley, CA (Toured China, Australia, New Zealand)
  • 3 years: PerformingArts Society (PAS) – Contra Costa County, CA
  • 1 year: County Honor Band – Contra Costa County, CA
  • 4 years: Miramonte High School Concert Band – Orinda, CA
  • 3 years: Berkeley Youth Orchestra – Oakland, CA

Piano History

Piano has always been a huge part of my musical career. Starting with lessons in the 4th grade, I still enjoy piano today. During middle school and high school I competed in piano competitions and worked to improve my music theory. Sadly, I was unable to continue my piano education while in college, but I did find enjoyment from performing with the engineering graduate student jazz band.

  • Terminal Degree Jazz Band – Santa Cruz, CA
  • Placed at the Sonata Contest – Contra Costa County, CA
  • Placed at the Certificate of Merit in Music Theory – Sacramento, CA