Mobius was designed to represent the stages of a man/woman’s life. It is a simple side scrolling platformer where the player progresses through their life, shooting demons along the way. Through each life cycle, the player picks up a power-up to either increase their fire power or increase their health. The player must collect the Ouroboros to successfully be reborn after they reach the end of their life.

I was lead artist on the project, which is a huge part of the game. The player’s timeline is represented through the images the player sees in the background, as well as on their character. It first starts off with the player in their elementary years by showing a school. The player progresses to see a club, representing their crazy teenage years. As the player continues, they see a rainy cityscape to show their working years, an old farmhouse for their retired years, and finally a hospital for their sick elderly years. Once the player exits the hospital, they will either die, or if they collected the Ouroboros, they will be reborn and continue back into their elementary years.

This was a fun game to work on and I truly enjoyed the increased bond it created between the Sonar team members.