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Jack of many trades: Product Specialist, UX Designer, UI Designer, Game Designer, QA Engineer, Web Designer, and Technician.

Product Specialist @ GSN Games
User Type
  • AGE: 30-50+ years old
  • GENDER: 55% Women / 45% Men
  • REGION: Mid-West USA
  • GOALS: Loves to gamble & win big!
  • Facebook (Canvas) Front-End UI Design
  • Facebook (Canvas) Payment UX Design
  • Mobile Payment UX/UI Design
  • Style Guide Documentation
  • Meta Game Design & Mockups
  • Quests System UX Design
  • Management of Graphic Design Intern
  • Produced award-winning Bingo game
UX/UI Designer @ Globant
User Type
  • AGE: 20-50+ years old
  • GENDER: Projects ranged from 65% Women to 90% Men
  • REGION: West-Coast USA
  • GOALS: Easy usability for both the tech-savvy and tech-illiterate
  • Hosted workshop with CISCO executives to discover stakeholder goals before beginning design
  • UX/UI for Mortgage Calculator App (iPhone & iPad)
  • UX for Mobile Banking app (iPhone & iPad)
  • UX/UI for Netflix-like catalog & website hosting company information
  • Telecommuted with folks from around the world to bring each project together
QA Engineer @ Mercedes-Benz R&D
User Type
  • AGE: 30-40+ years old
  • REGION: Worldwide
  • GOALS: Track-ready features that enhance the racing experience without distracting the driver
  • Functionality, Performance, Client Side Compatibility, and Security testing for Android-Based infotainment systems in extremely high-end Mercedes-Benz cars
  • Developed in-lobby MacOS kiosk to display infotainment system outside the vehicle (Cocoa)
Game Designer @ UC Santa Cruz
User Type
  • AGE: 19-28 years old
  • GENDER: All
  • REGION: Santa Cruz, California
  • GOALS: Innovative and interesting games that are fun to play
  • Single-player stealth horror game requiring a microphone to illuminate surrounding obstacles & enemies (Xbox360 w/Kinect or Mic, PC w/Microphone)
  • Two-player game of tug-of-war in space (Xbox360)
  • Innovative social fiction game with an advanced knowledge base (Facebook)
  • Single-player game of defeating demons and reincarnation, with a Jazzy soundtrack (Xbox360, PC)
  • Text-based escape/horror adventure game (PC)
  • Four-player side-scroller to defeat an internal virus (Xbox360)
  • Single-player 2D platform horror game taking place in an animal sanatorium (PC)
Student Technician @ UCSC ResNet
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  • AGE: 19-28 years old
  • REGION: Santa Cruz, California
  • GOALS: Amazing customer service and quick turnaround
  • Fine-tuned my customer service skill by working with countless distressed students
  • Tested, researched, and fixed computer issues including internet connections, hard-drive failures, broken screens, reformats, and nasty virus problems.

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