Soho House Membership Agreement

April 12, 2021

We process your personal data that you share with us, in accordance with applicable law and legislation, in order to perform our services that we offer you in accordance with the requirements of the Agreement and Technology and to improve our goods and services we offer you. Each member enters into contracts with Soho House, which looks after their nearby home (since it is the closest home to their address) or, if there is no local home, a business that can be named by Soho House. Our Soho City members, who live in Europe, have a contract with Soho House CWH Limited, while our Soho City members enter into a contract with Soho House CWH LLC outside Europe. Soho House reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the Soho House company with which a member enters into contracts from time to time. Soho House will notify each member (including Soho City members) of the name of the Soho House company with which it enters into contracts if we confirm your membership and/or renewal authorization, and even if we change your soho House contract at any time. In this regulation of the Assembly, we will call this company “Soho House”. Don`t forget to bring your membership card; You won`t be able to win entry without them. Some Soho Works sites may have additional security checks for ahours-of-hours access and building security. Members are cordially invited to nominate new candidates for membership.

Application forms are available at It may be possible to transfer your local site to another Soho Works site upon request. All of these requests must be addressed in writing to the Membership Manager of your existing local website. Transferral is not guaranteed and is based on the availability of space. Administrative costs may be incurred and the terms of your membership (including contributions) may change. We love hearing what our members and guests are doing at Soho House. While you are a member or guest in our homes, we may ask you to express your views and experiences at Soho House. We can also film, film or photograph our events and activities in our homes for use in our membership programs, advertising, promotions, public relations and other commercial/commercial purposes. If you participate in these interviews or events, you accept your name, image and other limited information. You also agree that we publish materials that we produce for any purpose without your subsequent consent, and you waive your right to obtain payment from us in connection with such a publication. No member or guest may acquire, sell, use or own property on or near the site of illegal or offensive property.

If such items are found, the object is seized, the member and/or client is removed from the house, the membership in question is terminated and, depending on the circumstances, we may have to call the police or the relevant authorities. These terms do not create rental, rental or other real estate interests in your favour with respect to the premises of Soho Works.