Cooper U’s Interaction Design Workshop

September 11, 2014 Journal, Learning 0 Comments

Cooper U’s Interaction Design training course is an inspirational week-long workshop that walks students through the pre-design process. From tips about interview practices to tools used to create a well rounded goal-directed user experience. The biggest takeaway I have from…

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Driven Automotive Enthusiast

September 5, 2014 About 0 Comments

Founder of the UC Santa Cruz Automotive Club, Co-Founder of Function Drives Form, and active member of the international European Car Club: SKEuro. University of California, Santa Cruz Automotive Club [Founder] - Facebook Group President, Event Coordinator, Web Designer My…

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Passion for Games

September 4, 2014 About 0 Comments

Final Fantasy VI on SNES inspired my love of games, story, and music. The rest is history... My interest in video games began when I was a wee laddess at the age of five. I watched my brother play Final…

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Global Game Jam 2011

January 23, 2011 Events 0 Comments

GLOBAL GAME JAM: The global game jam is an annual 48-hour game jam that started three years ago. I participated in the jam last year and it was an amazing experience. Sadly, we only had one programmer and three artists…

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