About Nown
Nown is a personalized global directory on-the-go. Instead of googling "best place for rooftop drinks in Current Location" and sorting through endless Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Foursquare reviews from people you've never met, Nown showcases recommendations from friends you already trust. 
Design Goal
Help users find people and places they love on a friend-sourced, icon-based map.
Taking a User-Centered Approach
By understanding the goal of the product, a prototype was developed so that we could learn more about the users. After adding anywhere from 5 to 200 spots to the Nown map (e.g. great surf spot, hiking trails, coffee shops, restaurants, etc), we surveyed these users to better understand their behavior, motivations, pain points, and goals. The following are my assets for visualizing user experiences and optimizing the overall experience to be more usable while solving both product and user needs.
My Approach
1. Understand the Users
2. Visualize the Users
3. Hypothesize, Test, and Iterate
4. Polish and Produce
1. Understand the Users
• Use SPSS to code, clean, and analyze survey data, ultimately determining behavior-based clusters within the app
2. Visualize the Users
• Use survey data and high-level research to map persona data
• Map journey and experience from persona data to highlight opportunities for Nown
3. Hypothesize, Test and Iterate
• Sketch ideas with CXO for adding a new Nown and the Nown map screen
• Wireframe the sketches that best fit the business and user needs
• Test with users to determine the highest performing design
4. Polish and Produce
• Create high fidelity mockups and prototype
• Theme design with color palette most popular with users
• Prototype in InvisionApp so that developers have an understanding of interactions, user flow, and transitions

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