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Mobile, web, game, and product designer from San Jose, CA

Many call me OCD or a perfectionist. I like to see myself as well-organized and always ready to provide the best experience possible to any type of user. I thoroughly enjoy keeping documentation clear, concise, and up-to-date with the latest mockups for discussion and reference. Since I have a strong background in technical design with my degree in Computer Science: Computer Game Design, I understand the need for clear documentation - especially when the developers aren't sitting right next to the designer for questions.

Below are six categories that eloquently outline my history and my flexibly to adapt to any job I'm handed. It also showcases my desire to work on a team in a motivational leadership role or lead/deciding design position.

For a complete history of my education, work experiences, awards, and skills...

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Devon is a very smart person and very fun to work with. I really appreciate the passion she puts into her work, which in addition to her attention to detail and quality are the ingredients for a brilliant career.

Juan Pedro Pereyra


Devon is a very smart and diligent worker. Her efficient approach to projects solves technical problems quickly and ensures realistic expectations for her superiors and clients. She combines this with a great design creativity and love for gaming. She is an impressive and dynamic talent that I have really enjoyed working with.

Porter Felton


Devon is an intelligent, highly motivated person with good work ethic, initiative, intelligence, and common sense.

Rauly Butler

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